141001 kimheenim: Park Minwoo Lee Hongki and I played rock paper scissors and the loser will have to buy clothesㅋㅋLee Hongki was selectedㅋㅋㅋㅋ #Threefools (cr)

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141001 kimheenim:  I haven’t ridden my car for 3 months and the battery ran out so Hongki came to get me. Haa.. I’m always playing LoL or looking at things like ASUKA, ANNA so I don’t really drive my car. I’ve bought my car for 7 years and I only rode it for 23,800Km.. Sorry my duiduibbangbbang* ah.. But by the way why are our eyes, nose and lips like that?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #Taeyang #BecauseIlikeit #DogHongki #RabbitHeechul #HDR #Ulzzang

*Tn: it’s kid language for car 

skullhong12: Who are you?

skullhong12: Date after a long time

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141001 eunojam Instagram update

message on paper: Euno Happy birthday ^^


[trans] @Himsenkangin: I put a pack on my face, and is going to give squid present to Eunhyuk-ee. Bet no one will recognize me hehehe http://t.co/jX9u61oW1g



お前だれ 〜 Hiyori

Who are you 〜 Hiyori

I’ll take a selfie… selfie~

Huh? Huh?

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Yesung’s special friend - Mr Toilet Paper

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Määkin aina huorailen kun sattuu nestehukka iskemään.

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"take everything off of your desk except for a piece of paper and a pencil"


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the only boys i need in my life:

  • michael (kors)
  • christian (dior/louboutin)
  • jimmy (choo)
  • louis (vuitton)
  • tommy (hilfiger)
  • yves (saint-laurent)
  • giorgio (armani)
  • louis-francois (cartier)

the only boys yall can afford



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140929 - eunhae little cute convo on sukira kkk///all trans by nksubs

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Steal His Style: benedict cumberbatch

green alien suit (48.99)

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Kpop fandom logic


Fandom: *problem occurs within the band*
Fandom: /blames and bashes Super Junior and ELF

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Lena Headey on the set of Game of Thrones

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eunhyukee44: choco choco #choco #choco

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