i had to make this correction after we found out about the name XD

Kangmin - Elba edition!!

Kangin and Sungmin were headed to Kiikeli, they had already crossed the market place and were now on a small parkin lot. There was a blue Volkswagen parked in the far end of the lot and three girls were standing next to it, having a smoke. Sungmin raised his eyebrows in curiosity as the blond, tallest of the three slapped the shortest one and started laughing. Kangin just smiled and soon they crossed the little wooden bridge from Kiikeli to Elba and walked to the edge of the wooden stage. It was a clear autumn night and the paper factory’s lights were glowing a bright orange into the night sky. “It’s really tragically beautiful when you think about it”, Kangin said with a smirk on his face and poked Sungmin in the ribs. Sungmin just mumbled something as if agreeing and then they fell back into silence. “So you really  think going into Finnish nightlife is a good idea?” Sungmin finally blurted out. “You know they’re crazy people.” “That’s the whole point! And don’t you dare get cold feet now, it’s my day of the honeymoon and I get to decide what we do. We can go to that classy wine place of yours later”, Kangin answered and started dragging Sungmin back to the direction where they came from. “Besides, you already got your little night walk in the tiny island now let’s go find the bar.. was it Becksu or something like that?” Sungmin gave a defeated sigh and grabbed Kangin’s elbow as they passed the blue car again. The girls had fleed inside of the car to the warmth and any passerbys could hear the music echoing from inside.

i dont know man i just wanted to make an elba fic and i had no inspiration at all kill me now


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